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Ratnasambhava (Skt)

One of the five Dhyani Buddhas, yellow in color, representing the purification of the feeling aggregate and the wisdom of equality.


The door to the Dharma path. Fearing the sufferings of samsara, Buddhists take refuge in the Three Jewels with the faith that Buddha, Dharma and Sangha have the power to lead them to happiness, liberation, or enlightenment.

Relics (Tib. rig-sel)

Small, pearl-like pills that manifest spontaneously from holy objects such as statues, stupas or the cremated bodies of great practitioners.

Renunciation (Tib: nge-jung)

heartfelt feeling of complete disgust with cyclic existence such that day and night one yearns for liberation and engages in the practices that secure it. The first of the three principal aspects of the path to enlightenment. Cf. bodhicitta and emptiness.

Rinpoche (Tib)

Literally, "precious one." Epithet for an incarnate lama, that is, one who has intentionally taken rebirth in a human form to benefit sentient beings on the path to enlightenment.

Root guru (Tib: tsa-wäi lama)

The teacher who has had the greatest influence upon a particular disciple's entering or following the spiritual path.

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