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Mandala (Skt; Tib: khyil- khor)

A circular diagram symbolic of the entire universe. The abode of a meditational deity.

Mandala offering

The symbolic offering of the entire purified universe to the spiritual teacher (guru) and the visualized merit field.


Positive imprints left on the mind by virtuous, or Dharma, actions. The principal cause of happiness. Accumulation of merit, when coupled with the accumulation of wisdom, eventually results in rupakaya. See also the two accumulations.

Middle way

The view presented in Shakyamuni Buddha's prajñaparamita sutras and elucidated by Nagarjuna that all phenomena are dependent arisings, thereby avoiding the mistaken extremes of self-existence and non-existence, or eternalism and nihilism. Cf Madhyamaka.

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