May 2018
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Boudha Walking Meditation

Timothy M. Leonard

We slow down. Each step is a breath.

A large chorten pyre is breathing fire, sending plumes of gray and black smoke into the sky. Figures of all ages and energies, sellers of juniper and sage. Buyers collect their offerings - throw sweet smelling twigs into the roaring fire, finger prayer beads and resume their pilgrimage. Glossary Link Merit.

We join the flow, shuffling along. Feel the softness being with the ageless way of meditation, a walking meditation.

It is a peaceful manifestation of the eternal now. The vast self vibration of frequencies in the flow. Our restless wandering ghost spirit feels the peace and serenity inside the flow.


The sky fills with clear light. As above, so below. Prayer flags sing in the wind as incense smoke curls away. The shuffling pilgrims create a ceaseless wave - the sound of muted consistent steps, clicking of prayer beads, a gentle hum of turning prayer wheels, murmurs of mantras from lips. Everything is clear and focused on offering, sacrifice, gaining merit in the collective unconscious. Our river flows.

Dawn light blesses snow capped mountains with a pink glow. A black faced half-naked boy throws himself down and out on his hands and knees prostrating the length of his skinny skeleton. He wears slabs of wood on his hands and an old brown apron. He edges forward, pulling himself along, rises, gestures to the sky, hands together, down along his skin out and down to the ground scrapping away flesh edging forward inside shuffling pilgrims.

His eyes are on fire!

One completes one circuit after another, circling the Chaitya. More light, more people join the circular Kora - handfuls of juniper feed roaring flames, Crack! Hiss! Burn! Back to Dust!

You will walk through the fire.

Do this practice every day.

Walking med Bauddha-meditation © Mani Lama

One feels the energies and practices when living, recognizing sensitivities and realities on the ground. This is vital.

Be wise and tolerant in your behavior. You are a guest here with responsibilities, remaining open, vulnerable, receptive and authentic.

It is essential for you to refresh, reinforce and renew your calm spirit nature. Keep a diamond in your mind.

Foster and allow the creative instincts to guide your journey with clarity, insight and wisdom. Remain open and receptive to all the spiritual forces around you now. Cultivate, nourish and manifest your inner strength and focus to accept and acknowledge lessons and their deeper meaning.

Practice dignity and restraint. Conduct yourself with the mindfulness of realizing your divine essence

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