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Jul 11
Last Updated on 07 June 2012

Vision to galvanize a sense of community in the Boudha


Namaste! I am Pasang, your editor-in-chief and publisher of Vairochana.

The Vairochana newsletter is created on a vision to galvanize a sense of community in the Boudha region of Kathmandu. We have many important voices here in education, health care, business, religion and tourism.

I believe we need a publication to unite the diverse ethnic people and multicultural traditions to celebrate Boudha as a World Heritage site. It’s existence reflects universal values. Together we promote the cultural, social and economic dynamics in our community.

coverBoudha Stupa is an eloquent testimony to the higher purpose of life, beyond competing and struggling, getting and spending. Consciously or subliminally, the Stupa and community energy improves personal and collective higher potential. The presence of Sangha members and Dharma centers around Boudha benefits the community. We all appreciate our cultural heritage with a sense of identity and continuity. Foreign guests and residents understand this significance, seeing why and how their efforts conserve and sustain it.

Vairochana hopes to promote mutual respect among communities in Boudha. This is your newsletter. It offers everyone the opportunity to share experiences and visions. Together we can stimulate a small and powerful shift of awareness, understanding and open communication.

H.E. Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche and H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche, Buddhist scholars, spiritual, artistic authors, they have each tried to share the soul of their knowledge with us, turning this first issue of “Vairochana” into a mosaic that reflects the depth and richness of Boudha and Buddhism, our cultural heritage. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Revered Rinpoches, Ven. Matthieu la and Ven. Jhampa la, Swati la and authors who graciously helped me and believed in the project from the beginning. My heartfelt thanks to Ponlop Shelnang la for arranging and making the interview with Rinpoches possible. Deepak Joshi ji at Nepal Tourism Board for your support and open heart. Aju Dorji la. I always appreciate you propelling me forward with your words of wisdom to keep my Sherpa warrior spirit alive.

The logos and names of those companies you see in “Vairochana” who have granted their Ad for the first issue, I am extremely grateful for their support and enthusiasm. I encourage you the readers to patronize them whenever possible. I hope that each and everyone will find something in our pages that will be of interest. Vairochana will evolve with time...please join us in this journey. May the omnipresent Buddha eyes on all four sides of Boudha Stupa guide us all sentient beings. Sarva Mangalam!