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“Vairochana” is an invitation for you to awaken from the sleep of passivity.

The delusion of ignorance and resignation in our society has lulled people into cynicism and passivity. We encourage people to begin to see a new awareness and awaken your innate divinity and a sense of gratitude. Our actions impact our personal relationships and the world around us. They way we speak and behave toward others reflects our inner light.

Right speech creates positive response. This benefits everyone. The expression of respect is reflected through thought, word and action.

In this modern age of instant gratification, declining morality, cultural upheaval, family instability, and global chaos...like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick, we are pursuing an un-attainable goal.


People are chasing impermanent pleasures, enslaved to a consumer culture of increasing desire and satiating it, believing that happiness is a result of acquisition. Many are disconnected, bored and unhappy. They have lost focus. They seek a sense with a deeper purpose of life. Virtues of compassion, patience, tolerance and equanimity can be practiced every day.

We live in a global world moving at a fast pace and there’s much to distract us. It’s no wonder people burn out. Stress inhibits personal, family and community energy.

Slowing down in one’s life and one’s habitual ways of thinking and connecting to your fellow human and environment is the first step in the process. The relevance of Buddha’s universal teachings are more relevant than ever.

The essence of the messages of the Dharma works like a mindset changer. It may be our most precious resource, the need to stay united in our cultural diversities. 101 ethnic groups and 92 spoken languages represent Nepal’s strength and vitality. Nepal is where Lord Buddha was born.

We don’t have to become a Buddhist to understand the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. Buddhism is a spiritual path based on personal inquiry and experience.

We promote and respect our diverse community to achieve a peaceful environment for the individual’s personal development.